Програма стажувань молодих лідерів імені Джона Сміта на 2006 рік

Британська Рада в Україні оголошує прийом заяв на Програму стажувань імені Джона Сміта на 2006 рік. Якщо Ви – молодий лідер і працюєте в політичних структурах, місцевій владі або в галузі захисту громадянських прав, тоді ця програма саме для Вас. Метою програми імені Джона Сміта є зміцнення та поглиблення демократичного світогляду і лідерських навичок за допомогою 6-тижневого курсу стажування у Сполученому Королівстві, який поєднуватиме академічне навчання, стажування у відповідних установах та індивідуальну програму візитів.

Кінцевий строк прийому заяв – 1 грудня 2005 року.

Більш докладну інформацію та бланк заяви можна знайти на цій сторінці: http://www.britishcouncil.org/ukraine-education-funding-jsmith.htm

Джерела: Британська рада в Україні, http://www.civicua.org, http://london.britishcouncil.org

The Programme aims to strengthen and deepen democratic awareness and good governance through a study programme in the UK and placements that show the workings of democratic organisations and their role within a democratic society. The “ideal” candidate will be aged 25-35, working in politics, local administration or civil society, with a track record of concern for good governance and promoting democratic values. Good written and spoken English is essential.

The primary objectives of the John Smith Fellowship Programme are to:

Bring together influential young civil society and political leaders to exchange views and receive training and
information on democratic practices and the promotion of good governance
Deepen awareness of how a mature democracy supports and develops good governance, the Rule of Law,
human rights, and social justice, and encourages democratic access and accountability
Promote a dialogue between Fellows within and outside their home countries, and create links with young
leaders and those working in similar fields in the U.K.
The John Smith Fellowship Programme is a partnership between the John Smith Memorial Trust, the British Council and the Department for International Development.

Areas of Study

The John Smith Fellowship Programme is a partnership between the John Smith Memorial Trust, the British Council and the UK Department for Constitutional Affairs. The Programme covers the following broad subject areas:

Representative government in a democracy.
Citizenship, law and rights.
Civil society and the popular voice.
Business and public life.
International institutions.

Selection criteria

The Trust wishes to recruit high-flying and influential young leaders who will make a substantial impact on the future development of their countries. The aim is to recruit a mix of political leaders, government or local government officials, journalists/media experts, and influential young leaders from civil society or the NGO sector. Other criteria for suitability are:

Understanding of the Fellowship Programme: Applicants must have a clear understanding of what our Programme involves and what is expected of participants.
Age: In the range 25–35 years, with some flexibility at both ends for exceptional candidates.
Language proficiency: English at IELTS level 6 or above or equivalent.
Experience: Candidates should have work experience, and MUST be in employment at the time of application. Note: All employers’ references will be checked.
Professional background: Candidates should be employed in politics, central government, local government or economic development, the media, the law (especially in field of human rights) or the NGO sector.
Demonstrable leadership and influence now or in future: Candidates should be people who have real prospects of advancement in their work and of making an impact.
Activism in political/social development: Candidates must show evidence of active participation in politics or civil society, and point to accomplishments.
Clear vision and motivation: Candidates must have a clear vision of the need for improvements in the practice of governance in their countries.

Programme Dates and Structure

The Fellowship Programme will last for 6 weeks, from Sunday, 4 June to Friday, 15 July 2006, made up as follows:

An introductory week in Edinburgh, Scotland
An intensive, two-week Seminar Series on the political process in a mature democracy: A series of discussions and meetings with senior academics and practitioners combined with visits to illustrate how public policy is made and developed.
Planning and preparation of “individual action plans” setting out how insights gained in the UK can be turned into concrete developments applied at home.
A weekend conference sponsored by the Leadership Trust in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire; providing an opportunity to explore issues of mutual interest and concern with invited guests from the UK.
Two weeks of individual attachments to suitable organisations – for example, working with an NGO, “shadowing” a politician, a placement in central government, local administration or the media.
A final week in London with visits to Parliament and other institutions, and opportunities to analyse collective experience.
A concluding seminar during which Fellows present their projects to representatives of the Department for Constitutional Affairs, the John Smith Trust and the British Council.

Fellows are expected to produce a personal plan of action to be carried out when they return home. In the following year a Follow-Up Conference in one of the Fellowship countries brings all Fellows together to report on their activities and compare progress. The value of networking after the Fellow returns home and seeks to put into practice what he/she has learned is of great importance.

For more information of the John Smith Fellowship Programme, please visit the web page of the John Smith Memorial Trust www.johnsmithmemorialtrust.org

Applications for the 2006 Programme must be submitted to the British Council Kyiv office no later than 1 December 2005. Applications may be submitted in electronic form. Final selection of candidates will be concluded by end of February 2006.

Successful interviewees should be aware that they will be asked to sit the IELTS exam at the end of January 2006.

For further information, please contact

Maria Zakharova
Partnerships and Scholarships Manager
The British Council
4/12 Hryhoriya Skovorody St.
Kyiv 04070

E-mail: Maria.Zakharova@britishcouncil.org.ua

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