Meeting in Milan (TAIZE)

28th European Young Adult Meeting
28 December 2005 – 1 January 2006

Pilgrimage of trust on earth

Preparing a future of peace beyond the barriers which separate us
Living with faith in the midst of the challenges of today
Seeing the Church in a new light – as a leaven of reconciliation between all people
Discovering the beauty of prayer in song and in silence
Five days with young adults from all over Europe and beyond
Understanding the people of another land and another culture more deeply
Welcomed by families and Christian communities in Milan

At the end of this year, tens of thousands of young adults will gather in Milan for the next stage of the “pilgrimage of trust on earth”.

Do you wish, in the company of other young people, to seek for a meaning in your life through prayer, reflection, and exchange?

How can you be a bearer of peace where you live?

Practical information
Dates: from Wednesday 28 December 2005 (arrive between 7 am and 12 noon) till Sunday 1 January 2006 (leave at 5 pm)

Programme: Families and local church communities throughout Milan and its region will accommodate us. 8:30 - 11:00am in each neighbourhood: prayer and then small groups. One morning: discovery of local “signs of hope” with local people. Each day, 1:15pm and 7:30pm there will be two common prayers for all in large halls (Fiera Milano). In the afternoon: workshops on various themes. 31 December at 11pm, in each neighbourhood: prayer vigil for peace followed by a “festival of nations”. Lunch (noon) and supper (6pm) will be at the Fiera, except lunch on Jan. 1, which will be with local families.

Accommodation: mostly with families (some will possibly be in school or church halls). It is essential to bring a camping mat and sleeping-bag.

Radios: Bring a small FM radio with earphones. Translations at prayer times and for many of the larger meetings will be by radio.

17 to 35 year olds
We need a good number to help organise the meetings in the neighbourhoods, to be team-leaders for practical tasks or to be in the choir group. To do this, arrive if possible on Monday 26th December, between 8am and 3pm (arrival not possible on 27th December). Some places in work teams will also be open to participants who arrive on 28th December.

If you come on December 28 December, you can choose between:
participating in the general programme (see above);
doing this, and also helping in a work team or the choir group;

16 year olds
may come to the meeting only if accompanied throughout by an adult over 20, with each adult accompanying no more than two 16 year olds. Arrival: 28th December — not before.

35+ years
The meeting is intended primarily for young adults under 35 and not for older people unless they are leading a group of young people. We ask older adults (over 45) to consider sponsoring a young person to come from a church, chaplaincy or school in their area, instead of coming themselves. Adults over 35 all participate in the main group, arriving on 28th Dec. (not before). If you cannot accept the same simple accommodation conditions as the young people and need a “real bed” please indicate this when you register.

Families with children (minimum age: 7 years), and people with a disability who need special accommodation should contact Taizé — best by telephone in October or November — to arrange this.

Contribution to cover costs
Participants give their contribution on arrival. Young people from English-speaking countries will be asked to contribute approx. ? 80 (euros) for the whole meeting. [A more exact cost will be published in November.] As well as the hire of meeting-halls and equipment, this covers all meals and a public transport pass. Adults leading groups of young people can contribute the same amount, other adults over 35 are asked to contribute 50% more.

Coach travel from the UK: £125 return. Contact Nuneaton Coaches [Email], (+44) 2476 325682.

Other English-speaking countries: Contact Taizé to be put in touch with groups planning to come to the meeting.

Register by December 1st. People from English speaking countries, please use this form. Group leaders: please contact: directly.

Further Information
The Taizé Community,
71250 Taizé,

Tel. (+33) 3 85 50 30 02
Fax (+33) 3 85 50 30 16

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