!!!!! WORLD YOUTH DAY !!!!!!

The World Youth Forum (WYF) is the annual international conference of youth that will bring together 140 young persons from over 35 countries. This event is organized on the occasion of the International Youth Day and its main themes shall be those specific to youth policies.

The event shall take place over a five-day period, and shall include workshops, seminars, plenary sessions and case studies on various youth-related issues in the participant countries.

The official language of the conference shall be English and all documents drafted during the conference shall be written only in this language.

Why is it so important to organize this forum?
The need of sharing experiences in the field of local and national youth policies is being felt with increased intensity. There are models, past experiences, solutions to various problems in the field of youth policies (that youth all over the world should share). Organizing such meetings proves to be the ideal means for facilitating communication between youth on youth-related issues.

Youth problems follow the same general lines all over the world so that (this shared experience and expertise), adapted to the social, economic (and cultural) context of every country, may prove to be a priceless instrument for promoting (efficient and viable) youth policies. Sharing national or local experiences could also help avoiding the failed experiments of others, in the sense of not repeating the mistakes of some countries by implementing solutions that have already proved completely inefficient. In order to avoid limiting this sharing of expertise to the meetings and days of the conference, an on-line network shall be constructed, thus allowing young persons to constantly communicate throughout the year.

This communication (and interaction) platform shall be called the World Youth Network, the first of its kind in the world.

General objectives of the World Youth Forum 2006
Facilitating and achieving an exchange of experience and information between young persons
Creating an International Youth Network that will include as many members as possible
Increasing the awareness of the participants on their own condition and potential as young men and women, as well as on the condition and potential of youth all over the world
Constructing a proper framework for developing partnerships between Youth Associative Structures from different states.
Drafting a set of conclusions and recommendations for both the youth of the world and for the governmental authorities and international organizations that have youth agendas.

Specific objectives of the World Youth Forum 2006
We would like to organize and support an active debate at the level of youth structures and therefore to facilitate the direct participation of young people, as a community, to the debate regarding the future of youth in the world.
We propose to enhance young people's perception of youth as valuable resource and at the same time consolidate the relationship between individual, group and society.
We would like to identify the key elements of the process of youth socialization and identity development in a multi-cultural context.
We propose to develop the abilities and tools of intercultural communication among youth: self-definition by collaboration, recognition of the relative nature of interaction rules, perception on strangers, acceptance of others and otherness.
We envisage creating a positive image on differences and diversity, by supporting exchanges between groups of young people, by advocating exchanges between local populations and immigrant groups.
We intend to train and promote young people as social agents for the prevention of racist and/or xenophobic actions.
We intend to have all the participants actively involved in workshops in order to express their own views on the role of youth, its potential and perspectives.
We hope that together, we will accumulate an important and necessary experience and knowledge that we will then pass on to other young people and to policy makers.
We intend to create a network of young men and women who will demonstrate interest and responsibility towards the issues discussed at the forum.

Immediate results
The sharing of know-how on youth-related issues: representation, the relationship with authorities, projects, promotion of youth, stimulation of youth entrepreneurial activity, and so on.
The socialization and intercultural experience of the young people from different countries.
A framework for youth to debate specific issues: the role of youth, rights and obligations in the relationship with society.
An on-line platform for constant and optimal communication, and partner identification and cooptation for international youth projects.
Heightening of youth awareness of their role.
Drawing the attention of national and international authorities towards the need for an efficient approach on the development of a coherent and goal-oriented youth policy.

National impact
The participants will carry home the knowledge they have gained during the seminars, workshops and plenary sessions of the WYF and will transmit it in their communities. Additionally, subsequent to the exchange of experience, youth representatives will accelerate the process of drafting and implementing viable and efficient youth policies in their own countries, with the support of other youth organizations from other countries.

International Impact
The participants will set the basis of the World Youth Network, an international youth organism that will seek to defend the rights of youth at the international level and will support youth initiatives both at international and national level. The World Youth Network will also act as a channel of communication for youth all over the world.

Intercultural dimension
The participants shall communicate in English. The fight against racism and developing mutual understanding and tolerance are both objectives of the project and will be pursued through the entire duration of the WYF.


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