Літня школа "Новий старт" (Спліт)

28 серпня - 3 вересня в м. Спліт (Хорватія) проходитиме Літня школа "Новий старт" щодо регіональној політики Європейського союзу. Більш докладну інформацію надаю мовою оригіналу:

If you are interested in meeting your colleagues from different parts of the world and gaining insights into different cultures and thinking processes that are the source of creativity and development, SUMMER SCHOOL - SPLIT 2006 is the right place for you.

Program is going to be focused on regional policy of the European Union, based on pre-accessing and structural funds, with main purpose of meeting participants with thinking logics for projects eligible for financing with refernce to EU funds in the multicultural environment and preserving individual differences of the countries that are members and potential ones.

Participants, that are going to be selected, are going to be students of economy and business economy with the highlight on those that are almost finished. The basic idea was that students, apart from all knowledge that could have got on their universities, gain some practical knowledge with the workshops and case studies that are going to be provided and supervised, all because merging the theoretical knowledge and practical one. Also, we are going to provide them opportunity to make decisions that were already made by the governments and institutional leaderships of the member countries with the projections of the future that we all are looking forward to, which is integrated Europe.

Your involvment will earn you 3 ECTS credits. The total fee of EUR 100 covers tuition, study materials, organised trips, accommodation in double bedrooms, A limited number of scholarships is available. Scholarship covers full program price excluding travel costs to Split access to computer facilities, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Contact e-mail: summerschool@efst.hr. For more information visit http://www..efst.hr/studentskizbor/summer_school/indexen.htm/.

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