Стипендіј на проведення дослідження в сфері наркоманіј. Украјна серед крајн на які розповсюджується стипендія до 14000 Євро.

Paolo Pertica Fellowship 2006
Brussels, Belgium

Scholarship / Financial aid: a contribution of maximum 14.000 Euros
Date: the timeframe of one year
Deadline: 15 August 2006
Open to: see 'Eligibility'

If you have participated in this event or received the scholarship, please tell us more about it ! Any tips for others interested in applying ?

Announcement follows:

The Paolo Pertica Fellowship was established in 2004 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the creation, at Cranstoun Drug Services, of the first European Network on Drugs and Prisons, today ENDIPP, the European Network on Drugs and Infections Prevention in Prison. The aim is to provide opportunities to young researchers, from the EU, Candidate Countries and from the countries of the Balkans and Former Soviet Union, to contribute to the continuous development of evidence based research in the field of drugs and infections prevention in prison.

The fellowship provides a contribution of maximum 14.000 Euros.


ENDIPP is a Europe-wide multi-disciplinary network working on the exchange of practices, research based evidence and concrete working experiences on the prevention of drugs and infections in prison among prison administrations, civil society organisations, international organisations such as the WHO and EMCDDA and research institutes. The network, which is active in the 25 EU Member States and Accession Countries is co-funded by the European Commission.

Cranstoun Drug Services has been coordinating the European Network on Drugs and Infections in Prison for more than 10 years and this anniversary was marked with the creation of the Paolo Pertica Fellowship.

The Fellowships wants to once again reaffirm and show the commitment of Cranstoun Drug Services and of ENDIPP to the development of evidence based research in the field of drugs and infections prevention in prison, and at the same time give the opportunity to a young researcher to enter and contribute to this specific research field. The Fellowship was named after Paolo Pertica, one of the initiators of the network and still one of its most active members.

The Research Project – Guidelines and Requirements

The proposed study must cover at least 4 eligible countries (the EU, Candidate Countries and countries of the Balkans and Former Soviet Union), be specific in its aims and objectives and include a comparative element. Proposals must be made in relation to one of the four categories mentioned below and seek to significantly expand the knowledge base in this area.

Applicants should include their CV and a narrative (up to 1000 words) detailing the proposed area of study and demonstrating how each of the eligibility criteria is met. The narrative should also include a description of the methodology to be employed. An indicative work plan and costs for activities must be included.

The proposals will be evaluated and selected by a panel composed of experts (researchers and practitioners) in the area of infections and prisons. Basic criteria for selection include: the importance of the research question to the development of knowledge in the chosen category and the quality of research approach and feasibility of the work plan.

The amount of maximum 14.000 Euro will be made available for the development of the research and must be spent within the timeframe of one year.

The study must be written in English and the Fellowship holder will be expected to present the findings in a final
paper approximately 20-25,000 words in length.

2006 Categories

The categories for 2006 are:

1. Harm reduction in the criminal justice system (prisons, police, aftercare) with particular reference to the WHO Health in Prison Project priorities for action, guidelines and recommendations, which can be found at http://www.euro.who.int/prisons/publications/20050610_1
2. Drug use among juveniles in custody
3. Crack cocaine and other stimulants in the criminal justice system
4. Foreign prisoners/migrants drug users in European prisons – policies and services available


Eligible applicants (and countries where the research will be carried out) must be citizens of EU Member States, Accession Countries, Countries of the Balkans, and countries from the Former Soviet Union.

Applications will be considered for individual projects only. Joint or group applications will not be accepted.

Applicants do not require specific educational or professional qualifications, but preference will be given to proposed studies demonstrating they have the support of an academic establishment from one of the eligible countries (possibly in the form of a letter of recommendation). However, the fellowship award will not be made for attending a course or other academic study.

The applicants must have the written support of their employer, including a commitment to allow time to undertake the necessary work on the study.

How to apply

Applications must be made to the Paolo Pertica Fellowship, c/o Cranstoun Drug Services, EU Liaison Office, Rue Hotel des Monnaies, 52, Brussels, Belgium.

The deadline for presenting applications for funding is the 15 August 2006.

For further information, contact: cbrentari@cranstoun.org.uk

Website: http://www.endipp.net

Please contact me at krasun@gmail.com

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