International Human Rights Internship Program

The International Human Rights Internship Program's (IHRIP) mission and
are based on the belief that human rights activists have knowledge and
skills, as a result of their day-to-day work, that are important to the
success not only of their own work, but the work of other activists and
organizations, whether in their own or in other countries and regions.
human rights movement--in specific countries and regions as well as
internationally- -is strengthened through the exchange of this knowledge,
experience and expertise. In line with this conviction, IHRIP makes
available to human rights organizations in Africa, Asia, the Middle
Latin America, the Caribbean, East and Central Europe and CIS countries
enable their staff to undertake professional development exchange
A project can be:

A professional attachment, through which a staff member from an
in one country serves as a temporary staff member of a host organization
another country, acquiring on-the-job training in a specific area of
work or

An on-site training, in which an individual from one country who has
particular experience and expertise in a specific area of work provides
training to the staff of an organization in another country.

A study tour, through which a staff member from an organization learns
about a specific area of work or about a particular strategy or approach
work by visiting and consulting with two or more human rights or human
rights-related institutions in one or more other countries.

N.B. IHRIP gives low priority to support for attendance at courses or
workshops. Proposals for such support will be considered only in cases
the desired training is narrow in focus and fulfills a clearly defined
institutional need.

Deadlines for applications

* August 31, 2007
* December 31, 2007

A grant covers the travel of the staff member or trainer as well as a
living stipend and health insurance for the staff member (or trainer).
Grants vary depending on the location and length of the project, and
typically range from $1,000-10,000.

IHRIP is unable to support:

* academic research or study;
* training where the applicant and proposed host organization or
trainer are in the same country. IHRIP facilitates the exchange of
experience among activists and organizations in different countries
* training projects which are part of an organization' s core work and
are not directed at its staff--e.g., human rights educaiton programs
targeted to particular sectors or communities
* training for officials or employees of government or
quasi-governmental agencies or bodies

To download application forms (available in English, Arabic, French and
Spanish) and application information, as well as for more information
please feel free to explore our website using the tabs on the left of

If you would like an application form be sent to you, please contact
via email at

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