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If you want to improve your English skills, tell us your opinions and ideas, get some friends and just have fun - you are more then welcome to our , what will take place in NTUU "KPI" this Friday November 9th at 4 p.m.

Room 299-6 in corpus 1. It's easily to find it - just come to the main entrance of corp. 1 and you will see directions. But be patient, cause it's a long way along whole second floor to the left ell! When you will find door 299 (Naukovyi departament) turn left the door-handle and come inside. 299-6 right over there :)

If you have foreign friends - bring them too, we want learn to understand any other English accent ;)

Last time there were 2 Australians, 2 Germans, 2 Chinese and 1 British - it was great discussion!
So the topic for this time is:
Interface of your study and future work - is it good enough?

(We are gonna to talk about non-formal and self-education, about skills which are required to get a better job, about gap between theory and practice and so on).

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