The Kyiv School of Economics invites


Economic tools can be used to help decision makers make the right
decisions. We are looking for essays and research papers that analyze
data using statistics or econometrics, that use economic models,
theory or economic reasoning and the results of which can inform
decision makers (politicians, managers, etc.) how to solve a specific

Both essays and research papers can cover economic issues in any
sector: trade, industry, services, education, medical sector, monetary
policy, labor market or finance. They should be based either upon
research done by a student or inspired by somebody else research with
additional analysis conducted by the student. The authors have to link
arguments to economic theory or use economic reasoning. All the data,
external opinions and statements should be properly quoted and
supported with numbers whenever possible.

The essays and research papers should be focused and precise and
written in English. The special requirements to research papers can be
found at

The Kyiv School of Economics invites all interested students to
participate in the essays and research papers competition. The best
essays and research papers will be presented at the KSE students'
forum held on April 10, 2008 in Kyiv.

MECE yours,
Yegor Samusenko

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