УКРАЇНА-СВІТ: міжнародна творча майстерня

Be2Gether - міжнародна творча майстерня, що проходитиме у Литві з 4 до 13 серпня.

Якщо ти малюєш, захоплюєшся фотографією чи відеозйомкою,
займаєшся графікою чи скульптурою,
створюєш інсталяції чи просто шукаєш нові способи самореалізації,
тоді тебе зацікавить ця пропозиція:


Do You:

a) draw?

b) take pictures or make videos?

c) work with graphics or sculpture?

d) do different performances or installations?

e) just live with creation and self-realization flight?

… Yes? Then we have an offer for you!

We sincerely invite you to join international Be2gether art workshop, which will take place on 4th-13th of August near the picturesque castle of Norviliškes (Lithuania). Not only you will have a unique possibility to realize your ideas and create different stuff, but also will be able to present it to guests and musicians of music and art festival Be2gether, thus experiencing the greatest moments of your life.

In order to participate you have to:

1. already have some artistic experience;

2. find time to fill the entry form;

3. answer all the questions honestly, because all the answers are important while selecting the participants;

4. send the entry form by e-mail or by ordinary registered mail

A. Smetonos g. 5, 304. LT-01115 Vilnius, Lithuania (address to – B2g international art workshop);

5. plan your time so, that you would be able to participate in the workshop on 4th-13th of August and in the festival on 14th-17th of August;

6. not to be late and send your entry form until 1st of July, 2008 11.00pm.

7. believe that art opens the borders,

For extra information and entry form go to -> art & entertainment -> workshop.

Детальніша інформація:

C Y M - L v i v
tel/fax: +38032 2729877
mob: +38050 9715535
skype: Roman-Lviv

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