"I had nothing but trust"

When the Taize Brothers asked me to come to India to help them with preparations for the meeting in Kolkata I had no idea what kind of experience lay ahead of me. I had never even thought about visiting India. I thought it was too far away from Poland. But I said yes and five weeks later I was in Mumbai! I arrived on the evening of 11 July, day of the bomb blasts. And that is how my own pilgrimage of trust started. Yes, I had nothing but trust.
But if you trust God everything is OK. You don’t have to worry. That is what I have been experiencing during my travels through India. Even if I came alone, I never feel alone! In every place I stay, I meet wonderful friends who guide me on the ways of Indian life. They take care of everything; even of my stomach which is not used to spicy food. I survived the first few days thanks to His Grace Mar Coorilos, Orthodox Bishop of Mumbai and some wonderful Orthodox young people.
These days I am staying in Anand from where I travel around Gujarat. On the very first day we created a wonderful team: Father Antony, Brother Jagdish, Renison, Reginald and me. We go together to visit parishes and every evening there is a prayer meeting in the parish church. We pray, we watch the movie about Taize and we share our experience of the pilgrimage of trust. So many people come to meet us! During the monsoon it is not easy to travel, but they come from other villages along the muddy roads. We receive a great welcome, with garlands of flowers and the tilak on our forehead. This is how the people want to thank us for coming and praying together.
We try to use Gujarati and Hindi songs, so that everyone can enjoy our simple prayer and sharing. Only a few people know English, but the moment of silence is clear for everyone!
I know that for many of these girls and young men it is not possible to come to Taize. Even going to the meeting in Kolkata is not easy because of school and financial problems. But there is a great sense of “meeting”: through my presence (I don’t mean that I’m a celebrity, it is just because I have come from faraway specially to meet them) and by praying together we can get a first taste of the communion that Kolkata will be all about; and this is what the Church is!
I spend the mornings and afternoons visiting schools, villages and families in their simple houses. This is what makes me smile all the time! Even if I don’t know Gujarati and they don’t know English we can communicate by smiling and looking into each others eyes! And of course every place I go to, the cup of tea obligatory!
And this is what we can call pilgrimage of trust. I have trust in God and I have trust in other people and this is how God creates communion and harmony in every place he leads me to.


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