Звіт по діяльності Коаліції „Молода Черкащина”

На засіданні був заслуханий і затверджений звіт голови Координаційної Ради Вікторії Феофілової про діяльність Коаліції на протязі 2006 року. Також було вирішено презентувати звіт по діяльності Коаліції протягом 2006 року для широкої громадськості.
Крім того був затверджений стратегічний план діяльності Коаліції на 2007 рік.

Звіт по діяльності Коаліції „Молода Черкащина” в 2006 році додається (СКАЧАЙТЕ ПРИКРІПЛЕНИЙ ФАЙЛ).

Коаліція молодіжних громадських організацій Черкаської області
18000, а/с 106, м. Черкаси, вул. Хрещатик, 187, к. 11; тел. (0472) 383878, e-mail: mch@majar.com

Activity Report 2006
The year 2006 has become the most fruitful and successful for the CYPO “Moloda Cherkashchyna” in the history of its activity. This year we implemented eight and started implementing three more projects on various issues. In the framework of these projects there took place 86 informational events (trainings, seminars, press-conferences), there were created two elucidative videos, two video spots and four audio spots of social advertising and printed informational materials, general edition of 27 000 copies, we enlarged the stuff of the organization and the network of volunteers; two more organizations entered the Coalition – youth organization “KERMO” and CF “ANNA”. On some projects the Coalition spread its activity to Kirovograd and Poltava regions. During 2006 about 11500 persons addressed the organization to use its services.
In general, activity of the organization was directed the following ways:

Projects related to the elective processes:
In January – March the project “Civil supervision and self-education” was taking place, financed by the Civil Liberties Fund. In the project one carried out monitoring of the local mass media concerning its keeping to the elective legislation and freedom of speech during the election campaign; we conducted 4 presentations on the monitoring results, provided consultations for journalists as for their activity on the period of elections, and also 5 000 booklets “Conscientious voter’s booklet” were produced and spread among the population of the Cherkasy region, the booklet clarifies the terms and procedures of the Parliamentary elections.
In February – March the project Mobile station for rural voters “Elections 2006” was implemented, supported by the Fund “Eurasia”. In the framework of the project there were designed and distributed original products, which clarified terms and procedures of the parliamentary and local elections – “Voter’s record-book” (5000 copies), “Voter’s calendar
“(1000 copies) and audio spots (4); and also a mobile station was created, which included a team of 5 prepared volunteers. The team made 30 visits to the villages of Cherkasy region, where the volunteers of coalition provided consultations for voters and distributed printed production of the project.
In October – November 2006 the project “The third elections – put finally a full stop”, financed by Freedom House, was taking place. The project aimed mobilization and enlightenment of voters of Cherkasy for the recurring city mayor election. As a result of its implementation there were designed, produced and spread 6000 informational leaflet-stickers, containing the information on terms and procedures of the elections, and there also was a “hot line” for voters, its consultants gave about 700 recommendations how to protect one’s right to vote.

Projects, directed to solve gender problems:

In February – December the project “Women’s participation in regional policy” was taking place, which was financed by the Democracy Supporting Fund of the USA Embassy in Ukraine. In the course of the project there was made a gender research of the elective process in Cherkasy region (number of women, who were included to the parties lists), created a data base of women, who were elected to the local authorities, conducted three press-conferences, two round-tables in Cherkasy and three seminars-trainings for women deputies in three cities of the region (Cherkasy, Smila and Vatutine) and three week-long “Schools for woman’s leadership” for active women of the region. As a result 140 women took part in the project, and those, who studied at Schools, founded a permanent Women Club to further meetings with interesting people, communicating and sharing experience.

Projects directed to the development of youth organizations:
From October, 2005 till December, 2006 “Molda Cherkashchyna” was implementing the project “Youth voice in modern Ukraine”, financed by NED. In the framework of the project there took place 8 elucidative events (seminars and trainings) for the youth of Cherkasy and Kirovograd regions, issued and spread four types of booklets (“Activity principles of public organizations”, “leadership and teamwork”, “Arrangement of work with volunteers”, “We are in search of resources”) and 3000 copies of the brochure “We’ve created molodizhka”. 216 active participants of NGO in Cherkasy and Kirovograd regions passed the training in the framework of the project. During the project there was also a contest of smaller projects, as a result 5 projects of different NGO were financed ( 2 in Kirovograd region and 3 in Cherkasy region); the projects covered various directions of public activity: ecological action on the Dnipro bank, patriotic-elucidative measures for rural youth, lobbying of reducing of the number of gambling slot machines in Kirovograd, participation of NGO in youth policy of the region, action on representing interests of the people in carriages in Cherkasy.
In December 2006 they started implementing of the project “Public informational technologies”, financed by NED. The aim of the project is to create conditions for the further development of youth public environment, carrying out of qualitative changes at the expense of enlarging of resource-informational base; involving new informational technologies and interactive methods on the arrangement and holding the measures into the activity of active participants of the third sector; shifting of the accents to the regional level; building up horizontal public networks and specialized projects.

Projects, directed to overcome HIV/AIDS epidemic and popularization of healthy way of life:

In April – June 2006 the Coalition was carrying out the project”Different=equal”, financed by ICAP “Yednannya”, which was directed to reduce the level of discrimination of the HIV-infected in Cherkasy district of the Cherkasy region and the city of Cherkasy. The project aimed to spread adequate information about the HIV/AIDS among the population, draw people’s attention to the existing discrimination of the HIV-infected and to prepare teachers in villages for elucidative work on this issue among the young people. As a result there were two one-day trainings for the school teachers in the villages of Chervona Sloboda and Lesky (34 teachers attended the trainings) held and a street action on the Day of memory of those, who died from AIDS – children’s contest of drawing on asphalt”HIV doesn’t transmit via friendship” and there was designed a Board of support of HIV-positive people.
May 2006 – present the Coalition has been implementing the project “ We’ll overcome discrimination together”, financed by UCAN, which aims to create a public initiative on protection of the rights of HIV-infected and reduction of the level of discrimination in Cherkasy region. In 2006 there was a number of measures, that are completely innovative for Cherkasy region: monitoring of the level of discrimination of HIV-infected by means of holding of the 4 focus-groups, designing, printing and distribution of 1000 copies of the brochure “We live in the era of AIDS”, shooting of an elucidative video “HIV: right to live”, in which for the first time HIV-positive inhabitants of the region openly tell about their lives and which was shown on the regional television. This video was taken by 12 public organizations from different cities of Ukraine to use in their work. There were also 40 informational events for youth, teachers, doctors of Cherkasy region held – as a result, about 800 persons studied. Culmination of the project became the talk-show “HIV: right to live”,, first held in Cherkasy, where the video characters, student youth and representatives of NGO took part in live discussion. But we consider designing and lobbying of the instruction for employees of educational institutions “if there is a special child in the class” to be the greatest achievement of the project; the instruction contains the peculiarities of taking care of HIV-positive children. This instruction was approved by the regional education department and passed to be carried out to all educational institutions of Cherkasy region. The project will be over on February, 1, 2007.
In November 2006 the project “Male health scales” took place, supported by the Population Fund of the UNO. During the project there were produced and distributed elucidative materials (video of social advertising, 2000 copies of booklets, 1000 leaflets and 2000 calendars), that inspire young men to think more often about preserving their own reproductive health and the damage, caused to it by alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Projects on representing the interests of people with limited abilities:

In June 2006 the project “Movement for everybody”, financed by UCAN, has started. In the city of Cherkasy there are no ramps (gradual descents), and such category of population as disabled people in carriages are in fact deprived of the access to the public places (cinemas, theaters, higher educational institutions, libraries, chemist’s, shops). This project is directed to lobby the interests of the given category of population in the local authority bodies to solve the problem on the legislation level and working out the pattern of raising money from the population and business structures for the building of ramps and hand-rails. The main achievement of the project is that the city council approved the program “Space without barriers”, which was created on the initiative of the participants and aims a number of events on adjusting the city to carriages since 2007 till 2010. The city budget has already provided 600 000 UAH for the program implementation. The project also aims the actions, directed to develop a tolerant attitude of society to people with special needs: for this purpose there was created a brochure “Overcoming the barriers” edition of 3000 copies, the elucidative video with the same title, which was shown on the local TV companies and a number of informational events for youth was held. The project will be over in June 2007.

Projects, concerning informing people about the co-work of Ukraine with the European and Euro Atlantic structures:

In October – November the project “Euro-Atlantic tour via Naddnipryanshchyna” took place, supported by the IF “Vidrodzhennya”. The purpose of the project was to spread trustworthy positive information about the Euro-Atlantic union among the population of Ukraine. The project aimed the work of the information bus with volunteers, which drove through the territory of three regions (Cherkasy, Kirovograd and Poltava) and spread the informational materials about the NATO and gave press-conferences for the local mass media in 21 built-up areas (including villages and district centers). In the framework of the project there were designed and distributed 4000 copies of the informational booklet “The NATO – security umbrella”, calendars and badges with the logo of the project.

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