Публікуємо інформацію про молодіжні організації що домоглися скасування віз в Україну

The public campaign initiated by the Ukrainian Youth Hostel
Association and EURO<26 on February 9, 2005

With support of the following international organizations:
1. Youth info-center EURO<26 - Zarevo
2. Association d’Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l’Europe -
3. Junior Chamber International – Ukraine. JCI-Ukraine
4. West-Ukrainian tourist information center
5. Crimea tourist information center
6. Association of interns of Ukrainian Parliament
7. Ukrainian youth information agency
8. South-Ukrainian center of tourism development “RegionEcoTour”

resulted in cancelling entry visa requirements for citizens of the E.U.and Switzerland!

We are really proud to be one of the factors that lead to this historical decision of the Ukrainian President.

This is only our first step.
We continue our campaign to cancel Ukraine entry visa requirements for citizens of USA, CANADA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA and ISRAEL (and also South KOREA).

Using our best lobbying practices and support from the international youth NGOs, we hope to reach this aim by the end of this year!

Please read the translated Decree of the President of Ukraine concerning the visa-free regime below.

1. D E C R E E of THE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE No. 569/2005 dated 31 March 2005.

"On temporary introduction of visa-free regime for citizens of countries - members of the European Union and the Swiss Confederation".

For the purposes of appropriate preparation and organization of the "Eurovision-2005" song contest in Ukraine and in order to provide for the favourable conditions of entering Ukraine for organizers and
participants of this event, AS WELL AS to promote the development of tourism, I, hereby, order:

1. To introduce, for the period from May 1, 2005 till September 1, 2005, a visa-free regime of entering Ukraine for citizens of countries - members of the European Union and the Swiss Confederation.

2. To Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine - to develop the mechanism for compensating the revenues to the State budget of Ukraine and to undertake the necessary measures, resulting from this Decree.

President of Ukraine


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